Shirley Elizabeth Rodgers

You have a problem. I have a solution.

Have you been tearing your hair out, stuck on that one thing, and are fed up endlessly scouring the web for solutions? Yes?
then your answer is here:
Welcome to 'The Digital Power Hour'

Are you constantly stuck on something?
Wish there was someone you could just ask?

We've all been in THAT situation where we don't know where to turn. It's beyond frustrating and seeps into the time you have allocated for something else. What do we do? Spend hours and hours on the web, desperately hoping for the answer we need to suddenly appear.

What if someone gave you a magic hour for solutions?




One whole hour, completely dedicated to you.



Quickly check that your issue is covered in the list below and click the link to view the schedule and book your Digital Power Hour. This will be a Zoom call, and you can bring all of your questions to our meeting.
One solid hour, just for you.



We jump onto a Zoom meeting and talk through the problem, finding the ideal solutions. We either implement the fix there & then, or leave you with the tools and the knowledge to do so.

You get back to shining bright in your business, without the stress of trying to do everything on your own. A magical hour getting you back to where you should be.


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Topics We Can Discuss



From setting up to page builders, I've got you covered. No more WP struggles!


  • Everything Divi
  • Troubleshooting Page Builders.


How to get started, create your brand board and speed saving tips & tricks.


  • How to start
  • Paid account features
  • Your user manual!


Everything is easy when you know how, and Squarespace is definitely on that list.


  • Setting up
  • Choosing and editing templates.
  • Integrating software
  • Linking domain


Everything from setting it up to marketing strategies -  get shopper savvy.


  • Getting started
  • Adding & editing products
  • Connecting payments
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce

Self Improvement

Build your capabilities and potential to improve the quality of your life. Quick fixes!


We could all do with a little help from time to time. Book your power hour to find quick and easy ways to make everything just that little bit better!



Tips to help keep this at a maximum and to keep procrastination at bay.


Something we all can struggle with, especially if we work alone. Let's work through some mindset strategies to keep you on that roll.



Don't suffer in the quiet sidelines, tips to hep boost your confidence, just when you need it.


The hidden struggle for business owners. Can I do it? Am I good enough? Am I qualified enough? Sound familiar? Let's ditch the negativity and work  your mindset to keep the confidence levels soaring high.



The perfect 'sounding-board' hour for the future plans. Great for accountability!


How many times have you wished you could run something by someone? Not sure your friends and family would understand?  Use this power hour as the perfect place to go over your ideas and get some accountability!


Your Problems Solved For Only



I'm Shirley Elizabeth

about me

I've been working in the world of tech for over 10 years, running my web design, branding and coaching business. I started out with zero budget and, needing design and branding, my only option was to teach myself and have never looked back. What does this mean for you? I know where you're coming from with learning curves. I'm also a Distinction Qualified CELTA Teacher (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults), so am completely used to helping successful people, who suddenly feel out of their depth, develop new skills.

I am also a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner, so not only can I help you with the tech side of things, but can also coach and support you all the way to success.


Power Hour Converts...

"Shirley is quick, responsive and calm if ever there is a glitch, which is so reassuring. I couldn’t recommend this company enough!”"

Jo Chapman

“I received a highly professional service from Shirley. I can understand why their details had been given to me by another business owner. A very satisfied customer”

Amelia Harrison

"Literally my tech guru! I used to struggle for hours, nearly throwing my computer out of the window if I had an issue. Now I just book in for my power hour and I'm sorted!"

Lisa Armitage

“So glad that I found this service. No nonsense, straightforward business & marketing advice - giving me opportunities I might otherwise have missed.”

Nicki Jones

If You Have Any Questions,
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